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Themed Questions Package: $75

Choose a specific theme for your Trivia Night. Legends Trivia offers a number of themes including the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, Music or Television. All questions, music round, novelties etc are based on the theme chosen.

New Themed Package: Prince William's Wedding.

Package Format:

Same format as the Standard Questions Package. This includes six rounds of 10 questions, one music round, bonus and novelty questions and guidelines.

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Step 1: Select your Theme from the drop down menu
Step 2: Click on the Buy Now icon
Step 3: Fill in order form
Step 4: Enter credit card details (secure on PayPal)

You will then receive a confirmation email. Legends Trivia will email the package to you within 3 days, including the MP3 files for the music round.

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Payment: We accept debit or credit card payments through Paypal. Paypal is an eBay company that provides secure, efficient and quick payment. It costs nothing to you and no registration is required.

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