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Whether it's for a charity fundraiser or a work social function, trivia nights can be very effective because they are great fun and interactive. There are two keys to a successful trivia night; the HOST and the QUESTIONS. Legends Trivia specializes in supplying great trivia questions in a proven and simple format. We offer a range of trivia packages to save you time and effort and to give you confidence in running a professional and entertaining trivia function.

With over 20 years experience, we know what makes for good trivia questions. They must be both interesting and relevant, not too hard but not too easy, and well written. But most importantly, they must be accurate. It's not easy, so let us take care of it all for you.

Trivia or Quiz Nights are typically run for three purposes; fundraising, social clubs or a bar trivia competition.

Fundraising: A trivia night is very effective in fundraising for groups such as schools, sports clubs and charities. On average, a quiz night will raise $10 - $20 per person but this can increase dramatically when used in conjunction with raffles and auctions. In addition to providing the questions to operate a fundraising trivia night, Legends Trivia also provides tips and suggestions from our experience of running such functions to help maximize the fundraising.

Social: Because trivia nights are simple to organize, great fun and a team based, interactive activity, they are very popular with social clubs. The trivia night could encompass an annual social night, a product launch, a conference ice-breaker or team-building.


A trivia night lasts anywhere from three to four hours. Players form teams of that compete amongst each other, usually for prizes of some sort. A standard Legends Trivia function consists of seven rounds of 10 questions and other novelty events. At the end of the night, the team with the highest score wins. Simple!

With a Legends Trivia Questions Package you don't have to worry about organizing the trivia questions. It means you can concentrate on booking the venue, arranging the host, organizing players and prizes.

HOST: A very important consideration in running a quiz night. A good host is entertaining but firm with a confident manner and strong voice. Experience is not necessary as the questions package comes with full instructions and guidelines. It's quite simple really, just read the questions and keep the night flowing.

DURATION: Usually 2 ½ to 4 hours

TEAM SIZE: Depends on function, usually between 4 and 10

PRIZES: Options include sponsors donations, cash or gift certificates (the Legends Trivia Guidelines includes ideas for prizes)

VENUE: The venue is important and should include microphone, music facilities, adequate seating and of course, food and drink

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