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Tailored Questions Package: $75

With the Tailored Questions Package option you can design your own trivia package from our List of Categories. All our packages have the same format including seven rounds, novelties etc (see format).

Package Contents:

Same format as the Standard Questions package. This comprises seven rounds of questions, bonus and novelty questions and guidelines.

Question Rounds:
Round 1: Specific topic (your choice)
Round 2: Specific topic (your choice)
Round 3: Specific topic (your choice)
Round 4: Specific topic (your choice)
Round 5: Specific topic (your choice)
Round 6: Specific topic (your choice)
Round 7 - please specify this in the Additional Instructions box below.
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Let us know if you are at all unhappy and we will provide you with a full refund.

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On confirmation you will receive an email with ordering details and a receipt. Allow three days for us to put the package together and email it to you (PDF files).

Step 1: Fill out your details in the order form
Step 2: Select your seven rounds from our list of categories
Step 3: Enter your credit card details
Step 4: Confirm your purchase
Step 5: Package sent within 3 working days.

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